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Wane Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Wane Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Wane Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Wane Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl


The wane edge bowl is a harmonious compromise between the shape and rustic rim of the bark bowl, and the durable clean edge of the round bowls. No two bowls are exactly alike in spaulting colour patterns or natural rim. The dramatic “finger spaulting” patterns found in our bowls are a unique characteristic of red maple, which is rare, but fortunately prevalent in this area of Eastern Ontario. Choosing the right wood is so essential to the art we create, and this is highlighted in our Ambrosia maple pieces.

“Low volume” Wane Edge bowls are shallower than the average bowl of their size and shape due to the natural curvature of the tree causing a lower side rim and more oval shape. Their lower volume consequently provides for 1 or 2 less servings. 


Sizes available: 11”, 14”, 17”, 19”, 

11” (low volume), 14” (low volume), 17” (low volume), 19” (low volume)


*Caring for your Stinson piece is easy. Excluding burls, all pieces can be washed with soapy water – you can even put it right in your sink if it will fit! But please don’t let the items soak, and definitely, don’t put them in the dishwasher. Once they have been wiped or rinsed clean, allow them to dry fully.