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Interior Design

Whether it is through design decisions, color selections, or the creation of an atmosphere that enriches their daily lives, our job is to not only make our clients feel good, but to also provide them with a happy, clean and functional home that reflects who they are.

We design spaces to  provides our clients with a personal connection to their environment through furniture, textures, colors and spatial arrangement.

Our goal is to make that personal experience as enriching as possible while staying within the project budgets, and to end up with a home that makes you smile when you walk in.  

Gift Design

All of Kate’s designs are drawn by hand, with pen and ink.  We do not use tablets or computer programs, preferring the unforgiving honesty of pen to paper.  Bespoke, hand-rendered and personalized, Kate’s hand drawn motifs are rare reflections of simplicity and sophistication in a digitized world.

Kate’s classic training and true love for illustration resonates with a modern audience. With its wit, smarts and authenticity, Kate’s drawing combines old school tradition with inherent luxury.  Sophisticated and whimsical, her designs are relevant and translatable, and intrinsically sweet and charming.  Through her understated elegance and appreciation of luxury in an attractive way, she has consistently earned her reputation as a trusted tastemaker.

Travel Design

We are a new concept in expert-curated travel design. We create one-of-a-kind bespoke trips based on our knowledge and expertise in travel and design.

For more than 25 years, Kate has traveling and delving deep into the places she loves, and discovering new places- to uncover experiences that will immerse you in some of the world’s most authentic experiences. 

We’d like to share our favorites with you here.  Feel free to ask questions.

Wedding Design

Next door at Pickett’s Press, we love working with people on unique designs and motifs in unusual colors.  With us, you can pick a card already designed, or use our books as inspiration to switch colors, fonts, sizes, motifs and arrangements to create something completely unique at the cost of a pre-designed template from other high-end printers.

Bespoke Stationery

Through our sister site, Pickett’s Press, we offer the ultimate in handmade stationery.  Letterpress printing is a craft – lovingly practiced by artisans. At Pickett’s Press, each piece of paper is hand-fed through an antique letterpress printer, which allows for the unique look and character of our products. It is a meticulous, finicky, and slow process, but the result is a thing of beauty. And this is why even though letterpress is the oldest form of printing available; we are thrilled to continue the tradition for people who value paper and printing.