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Stinson Studios Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Stinson Studios Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Stinsons Studios

Stinson Studios Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl


The round ambrosia maple is the closest to the traditional “salad bowl” that people picture when thinking of wood bowls, yet is enhanced through the natural beauty of the ambrosia maple. This bowl is smooth, simple, and functional, while still making a statement. It is a long lasting piece, a classic, which will deepen in color with age and use. The quality and nature of hand-turned bowls are immediately apparent by the fact that even these traditional bowls are each slightly different, and unique in changing color and depth.


Sizes available: 11”, 14”, 17”, 19”

*Caring for your Stinson piece is easy. Excluding burls, all pieces can be washed with soapy water – you can even put it right in your sink if it will fit! But please don’t let the items soak, and definitely, don’t put them in the dishwasher. Once they have been wiped or rinsed clean, allow them to dry fully.