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Square Ambrosia Maple Salad Bowl
Square Ambrosia Maple Salad Bowl

Square Ambrosia Maple Salad Bowl


Each square bowl is free-hand-turned entirely by a Stinson. An incredibly difficult and risky skill requiring years to develop, the resulting combination of artistry and working with the natural form make the square bowls some of our most captivating pieces. These bowls showcase hard, clean lines with the warmth of the maple wood, and may feature two live bark edges, or a smoother wane edge. They are a wonderful mixture of modernity and ruggedness. These pieces truly make a statement and are often used as a “warm” accent piece to complement modern spaces.


*Caring for your Stinson piece is easy. Excluding burls, all pieces can be washed with soapy water – you can even put it right in your sink if it will fit! But please don’t let the items soak, and definitely, don’t put them in the dishwasher. Once they have been wiped or rinsed clean, allow them to dry fully.